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Personal life

I grew up in Vilnius and graduated from the Vilnius university

My hobbies: basketball, running, travel.

Technologies: Facebook, Google, Wordpress, Sitecore, 

Netflix/AmazonPrime: The Man in the High Castle


Till 2015, I was working for several PR agencies as the head of the social media department

From 2015 I was the head of marketing and communication for the biggest TV production house in Lithuania.

From the year 2020 - working at Dutch IT and marketing agency Macaw

From the year 2022 working at the UK IT company UNRVLD

Modern Office

Five years ago, companies started to hire me to organise lectures for employees and explain “how marketing works on the internet”. So I started giving lectures and within five years, I had given more than 50 lectures for Lithuanian and Scandinavian companies.

Audiovisual Conference
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