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Social media training (For the beginners)

Course Price


Course length

12 Hours

About the course

Even though social media has become an integral part of most organisations’ communications plans, it can be hard to keep up with the pace of change.

Many organisations also struggle to use social media effectively and fail to see a return on investment.

No matter what stage of the social media journey you and your organisation are at, we can devise a course based on your requirements, expertise and goals.

Our practical, hands-on courses will help you produce more shareable and engaging content and to achieve better brand awareness.


The first day
• The most popular social media platforms in the world
• Why does the business need to be on social media?
• Planning: Audience, plan creation and implementation
• How to measure your goals?
• Success and failures of marketing on social media

The second day

• Creation fo business pages on different social media platforms
• Paid advertising in different social media platforms
• How to start to advertise on social media
• Workshops

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